An Energy Performance Certificate is a legal document required when you sell or rent a property or install solar PV system. It illustrates how energy efficient the property is. The Certificates will give each building a rating from A-G based on the running costs for heating hot water and lighting. An 'A' rating is very good, meaning low fuel costs and a 'G' rated property would have alot higher fuel costs. The EPC is valid for 10 years unless major changes are made to improve the building energy efficiency.

The Inspection takes approximately 30 minutes and includes the inspection of the following items:

  • Photos of relevant items - Orientation of property, boiler, controls...etc
  • Property measurement - size and layout
  • Type of construction including wall, floor..etc
  • Loft insulation measurement
  • Windows type- year of installation
  • Heating system including water heating and controls
  • Lighting
  • Wall insulation - cavity insulation certificate required when drill marks are not visible.

The Certificates will also give the properties an 'Environmental Impact' rating by indicating its carbon dioxide emissions.

There will also be a list of cost-effective actions to improve the buildings rating.

The potential rating is based on all the recommendations being implemented.

The cost of the measures recommended will vary, but the certificate will distinguish between those that cost under £500 and those that could cost more, such as double glazing or new heating systems.

The certificate will also list further measures that will help achieve the highest possible ratings for the home, but which could be expensive and will take more than seven years to repay their cost in energy savings.